Saturday, December 16, 2017

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Am I the only one who misses the Beef O'Brady Bowl? I just loved saying and mocking that name... The photo makes me smile (because in my head I see a thought bubble above both of them saying "This place is a dump!")... This is a major argument for the success of Bitcoin... In Roman times corrupt public officials were thrown into the River Tiber with a sack of rats tied over their faces. Now they just buy Georgetown townhouses... The new Defense Budget includes $350 million in military support for the Ukraine in their war against Russia. You would think this would be more widely reported and applauded... I still miss Jon Lester. I still root for Jon Lester. Both of those things are true of most Red Sox fans... When the robot rebellion begins this will be programmed into the memory of all the robots. There's no artificial intelligence in the universe that can grasp that smearing things with feces just happens to be a San Francisco tradition...

Key West and the Patriots Game

Last weekend I went to Key West for a couple of days before going up to Fort Lauderdale on Monday to watch the Patriots play the Dolphins on Monday night. This was my first visit to Key West and it was all thanks to my great girlfriend Sue who was also my traveling companion and drinking buddy.

As a first time visitor I had the initial "Hey look a rooster!" reaction slowly morph to "What's the deal with all these freakin' roosters". I was also overly impressed with the idea of golf carts with turn signals being a major transportation mode.

For whatever reason I made a list of the bars visited and I'm posting that itinerary here for posterity (and because I have a shitty memory). Anyways...


- El Siboney which while mainly a Cuban lunch/dinner restaurant (pretty good food at very reasonable prices) is on the list because it was where we partook in our first drinks of the day.
- Salty Angler - our first "bar" bar of the day. Stopped in to get out of the rain (a brief afternoon shower) and to grab a quick drinkie. Liked it so much it was also our last stop of the night too.
- Cowboy Bills - a bar/gentleman's club/country music joint. Memorable for having PBR on tap and for a drunk flat-chested woman taking off her shirt to ride the mechanical bull.
- Viva Saloon - stopped here to catch more of the Army-Navy game
- Irish Kevin's - place gave vibe of wanting to be a tourist attraction like Sloppy Joe's without you-know being Sloppy Joe's. There's an actual Irish Kevin who neither Sue nor I found amusing.
- Sloppy Joe's - being a big Hemingway fan this place was on my bucket list.
- Aqua's - stopped here because Sue wanted to watch the drag show. When in Rome...
- Jack Flats - nice sports bar with all the games on. Stopped here to watch some of the Bruins game before going back to the Salty Angler for my "just one more drink honey" nightcap.

- Blue Macaw - our lunch respite from bike riding. "Famous" for their Bloody Mary bar but neither of us actually like Bloody Mary's (feel free to judge me). Enjoyed our lunch here.
- Captain Tony's - the site of the original Sloppy Joe's.
- Island Dogs - nice clean place with a very clean bathroom (which was something I was looking for at this point of the day if you know what I'm saying).
- Gas Monkey - don't remember much about this place except having the Beastie Boys song Brass Monkey stuck in my head the whole time I was drinking there.
- Flying Monkey - frozen drinks a specialty so I had a frozen mudslide.
- Bobby's Monkey Bar - an off the beaten path place. More of a locals bar with $2.50 Bud Light bottles and a pool table. If I were in Key West for a long period of time this would be my go-to hangout.
- Sandbar Sports Bar - stopped here to watch the first half of the Steelers/Ravens game and to have dinner. Good sports bar next to Sloppy Joe's.
- Jack Flats (again) to watch more of the Steelers game
- Bogarts - to watch the end of the Steelers game and play a couple more games of pool. Bartender was a nice girl from Shrewsbury Mass.

That was a long, fun weekend of drinking. Tomorrow I will discuss the Pat's Monday night loss to the Dolphins along with the rest of my NFL thoughts.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Net Neutrality

I can see both sides of the Net Neutrality "argument'. Honestly I'm pretty ambivalent. Yes I want the freedom to do what I want without ISP's favoring one website over another but treating the Internet like a utility or a Bell operating company with the regulations and commiserate paperwork will just serve to strangle new small providers. 

Here's what I propose - I will support whatever side that says their solution will require a $1 charge to leave a comment on YouTube videos or review items on Amazon. All of those funds would go directly to paying down the national debt.

So let it be written - so let it be done.

Georgia on My Mind - Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood

What a great version of a great song!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Great life advice - Life is Short. You should actively be trying to cut out the BS in your life because indeed life is too short... Still say that the player harmed most by inflated steroids era power number is Fred McGriff. In any other time he would have been a sure-fire Hall of Famer except his number are just shy of the ballooned numbers of people like Bonds, A-Rod, Sosa and McGwire... Awesome!... Would love to see Venn diagram of people who oppose fracking and those people who support Elon Musk's plan to bore huge holes to create a giant underground high speed transportation network. My guess is there would be many people who are in both groups. Hypocrites... Cool - the best and weirdest heists of 2017... Would love to do a trip like this Green Mountain Gravel Growler a 248-mile bike loop that links 13 Vermont breweries (but sadly I know I'll never do it)... You learn something new every day (or at least you should)...

Snooker and Ronnie O'Sullivan

Fascinating look at both the sport of snooker and of it's most interesting player Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Now I'm not really familiar with snooker but I really do enjoy playing pool. Maybe that's why the article was so appealing. Or maybe it was Ronnie O'Sullivan who to me seems a cross between Tiger Woods and Mike Tyson. Prodigies who dominated their sports but yet still seemed unfulfilled  to their potentials because of personal issues and demons.

Whatever it was - I found the article fascinating. And now I want to learn more about Ronnie O'Sullivan. And about snooker.

The Metric System

Opposition to the metric system remains strong in the US. Mostly due to the "Go Fuck Yourself" attitude of most Americans.

Nobody comes right out and says it but many Americans oppose legalizing marijuana because they are afraid that it is just a gateway drug to the metric system. All that grams of this and grams of that. I also believe that Pokemon Go died out as a fad in the US mainly because they were trying to force good law abiding citizens to participate by metric measurements. Hey Japan do we need to remind you that the Imperial System of Measurement won the War in the Pacific in World War II? Darn tootin'.

And while we're at it - you can keep your Royale with Cheese! In America it's a Quarter Pounder with Cheese! USA! USA! USA!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Patti LaBelle - Where are My Background Singers?

On a more existential plane - isn't that the question we are all asking this time of year? Where ARE OUR background singers?

Friday, December 08, 2017

Gerry Cheevers

I should have noted that yesterday was Gerry Cheevers' 77th birthday. Like many New Englanders of a certain age when we think of the Hall of Famer Cheevers the first thing we also think of is his "stitches" goalie mask. I wondered what happened to that mask assuming it was also in the Hockey Hall of Fame but no - Gerry gave it to his grandson.

My next thought was that I'd like to own a replica of the stitches mask. Then I found that Gerry Cheevers sells them but a full size replica cost $500. I then thought - well how about I just wish Gerry a happy birthday and move on.

Never Been Any Reason by Head East

A classic rock song you don't hear often enough.